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Natural recipes for removing facial pits

Natural recipes for removing facial pits 

Facial pits are usually the result of severe acne, and may be due to dermatitis or smallpox infection, and although they are difficult to treat, applying the following treatment methods can reduce their appearance to the naked eye.

First recipe: Olive oil

Olive oil loosens the face pits and opens the dark pits.

Components: A big teaspoon of olive oil.

Method of use: The face with olive oil is slowly massaged, and then a fumigated towel is placed on the face where it clears the face pores and makes it softer, and then leaves the towel on the face until it is cold and then removed and wipes the oil from the face.

Second recipe: Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is a natural insect that has proven to be efficient with the disposal of dark spots and the excavation of the face.

Components: A big spoon of sodium carbonate, a little spoon of water.

Method of use: Mix the ingredients together until a paste is obtained, the paste is placed on the face and rubbed with circular movements, after which the face is washed with lukewarm water and well blown.

Third recipe: Lemonade
Lemon juice is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid used to hide drills and scars, activate the skin, and promote healing, and it is recommended that the lemon be repeated on the face every two or three days to obtain the desired results.

Components: One lime juice, piece of cotton

Method of use: The juice can be eased with water if the skin is sensitive, and then the cotton piece is soaked with juice and placed on the pits and then left to dry completely, and then the face is washed with cold water and blown well, and the face is wet with a natural moisturizer.